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HCAHPS - Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems

Our suite of HCAHPS courseware is designed for busy hospital environments. It incorporates real life scenarios and is offered for all roles involve patient interaction:

  • HCAHPS for Nurses
  • HCAHPS for Certified Nurse Assistants/Patient Care Assistants
  • HCAHPS for Administrators
  • HCAHPS for Ancillary Staff (lab, radiology, etc.)
  • HCAHPS for Dietary Services
  • HCAHPS for Environmental Services
  • HCAHPS for Maintenance
  • HCAHPS for Physicians
  • HCAHPS for Therapists

  • INTRODUCING HCAHPS TO HOSPITALS Brandon Hall Excellence Award Winner

    CG-CAHPS - Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Clinician & Group Survey

    Our suite of CG-CAHPS courseware is ideal for educating your network of physician offices. The content, which incorporates real life scenarios, can be delivered by mobile devices in 5-10 minute modules and is offered for all roles that involve patient interaction:

  • CG-CAHPS for Physicians/Nurse Practitioners/Physician
  • CG-CAHPS for Nurses
  • CG-CAHPS for Licensed Practical Nurse
  • CG-CAHPS for Medical Assistants
  • CG-CAHPS for Office Staff
  • ED-CAHPS - Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Emergency Department Patient Experiences with Care Survey

    The emergency department (ED) is a pivotal arena for the provision of acute care services, handling 28 percent of all acute care visits in the U.S. Recognizing the importance of EDs bridging the world of outpatient and inpatient care, the CMS ED Patient Experiences with Care Survey will collect information about patients’ experiences of care in EDs. This survey will provide patient experience data that enables comparison of EDs across the nation and promotes effective communication and coordination.

    The ED-CAHPS survey is currently under development and XLD plans to release our ED-CAHPS courseware shortly after the survey is released for national implementation by CMS. Clicking the Learn More button will take you to the CMS website for more information about the ED-CAHPS survey.


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